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SGC Investment LLC - Funding your projects for success


SGC Investment offers interest-free project funding to semi-corporate,

large corporate entities, individuals, and businesses seeking funding that complies with Islamic principles both internationally and locally.

Our expertise in Islamic finance ensures that your financing adheres to your values, and our team provides ongoing support throughout the funding process.

Interest-Free Project Funding

Whether you are setting up a new unit, expanding existing activities,

or have any other general corporate purpose,

SGC Investment provides the necessary finance to fuel your growth.

Our scheme covers financing for various needs,

including the construction of business premises, factory sheds,

and the purchase of machinery and equipment.

We understand the long-term requirements of your business,

and we are here to support your vision.

SGC Project Funding Graph

Our Investment In Diverse Sectors

Tourist Enterprises and Management
Retail Trade Enterprises and Management
Oil and Natural gas projects
Industrial Enterprises and Management
Healthcare Enterprises and Management
Water Enterprises and Management
Commercial Enterprises and Management
Energy Enterprises and Management
Agricultural Enterprises and Management
Outer Space Projects
Sport Enterprises and Development
Educational Enterprises and Management

Process & Completion

Minimum Lending value is USD 10,000,000/- with a Maximum up to USD 500,000,000/-

Sign the agreement deposit 15% of the requested amount in advance which is treated as a cash margin towards the loan.

It takes up to 45-60 working days for the loan disbursement.

Repayment tenor is up to 5 years, Applicant provides equated instalments cheques along with a security cheque and a legal investment agreement.

Once the loan amount is credited, Applicant pays 5% more (Total 20% repaid towards the Principal).

Remaining 80% of the Principal to be paid in 8 equated installments of 10% each starting from the 2nd year to 5th year.

Book an Appointment

Contact us today to discuss your project financing requirements and embark on a successful journey towards achieving your business goals.

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